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Quality Level 100
grade certified reference material
characteristic (Snap-N-Spike®)
packaging ampule of 1 mL
mfr. no. Cerilliant®
drug management Narcotic Licence Schedule E (Switzerland); psicótropo (Spain); Decreto Lei 15/93: Tabela IIA (Portugal)
concentration 1.0 mg/mL in methanol (as free base)
Featured Industry Pharmaceutical (small molecule)
storage space. −20°C
SMILES string 25I-NBOMe is a second generation 2C amine derived from attaching an NBOMe (2-methoxybenzyl) set to the amine group of 2C-I. Sold under street names like 25I, Smiles and N-bomb, this designer drug produces visual hallucinations similar to those of LSD. Buy 25-i-nbome Suitable uses for this certified Snap-N-Spike® solution include as starting material for calibrators or controls in testing methods by LC/MS or GC/MS for clinical toxicology, forensic analysis, or urine drug testing applications.

Provide batch numbers separated by commas to download or request QC sheets product inserts, certificates of analysis, information packs, and data. Buy 25-i-nbome Get Records and Batch-Specific Data by Batch Number Snap-N-Spike is a registered trademark of Cerilliant Corporation IC1=CC(OC)=C(CCNCC2=C(OC)C=CC=C2)CC1OC.Cl


25I-NBOMe effects generally last 6–10 hours when taken sublingually, orally (or in addition to your tongue), or buccally (between your gum and your cheek). [16] When it’s ingested, effects generally last 4hours. [16] But, effects may last considerably longer determined by dose. 25I-NBOMe is powerful, being energetic in doses.

A frequent dose of the hydrochloride salt is 600–1,200 µg. The UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Medicine says a frequent dose is between 50 and 100 µg,[14] although other sources suggest that these amounts are wrong; Erowid tentatively suggests that the threshold dose for people is 50–250 µg, using a mild dose involving 200–600 µg, a frequent. Dose in 500–800 µg, plus a powerful dose in 700–1500 µg. [18] In this degree of potency, it’s not feasible to accurately quantify just one dose of 25I-NBOMe powder with no analytical. Equilibrium , and trying to do so can place the consumer at considerable risk of overdose.


Though users report negative effects while under the effect and chance of injury after use when compared with psychedelics 25I-NBOMe has similar effects to LSD. Case reports of British men who presented to an emergency room after analytically confirmed 25I-NBOMe intoxication indicate the following possible adverse outcomes:”tachycardia (n = 7), hypertension (4), agitation (6), aggression, visual and auditory hallucinations (6), seizures (3), hyperpyrexia (3), clonus (two ), elevated white cell count (two ), elevated creatine kinase (7), metabolic acidosis (3), along with severe kidney injury (1).” [15] As is anticipated from this path of administration, 25I-NBOMe may be vaporized and inhaled, this can cause impacts and length. This course of administration is dangerous, unless utilizing dimension that is liquid, because of the problems of managing and measuring substances.

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